fanSync DC WiFi

WiFi connectivity
Part numbers are fan specific

Model No.: WFR****



  • Part numbers are fan specific and listed below
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Fan and downlight
  • Receiver unit
  • DC motors only
Drone WFR6235
GlideAire WFR8520
Levon Custom WFR7912**
Odyn Custom WFR8152*
Odyn 84 WFR8159**
Stellar - MAD7997 WFR7997*
Stellar - MAD7998 WFR7998
Subtle 56 WFR6228
Subtle 72 WFR6236
TriAire - MAD8514 WFR8514
TriAire - MAD8515 WFR8515
Wrap - MAD8530 WFR8530
Wrap - MAD8531 WFR8531

*Requires use of TR205D – sold separately
** For use with canopy style receiver version Odyn & Levon Custom only.  FPD8159*** & MAD7912B**.  Call 888.567.2055 for questions on compatibility.

Additional Information

Collection No
Controls Finish No
Location Rating Dry
Voltage 120
Product Support Documents

Instruction Sheets:

Subtle 56 - WFR6228

Drone - WFR6235

Subtle - WFR6236

Levon Custom - WFR7912

Stellar Custom - WFR7997

Stellar 96 - WFR7998

Odyn Custom - WFR8152

Odyn 84 - WFR8159

TriAire Custom (MAD8514) - WFR8514

TriAire Custom (MAD8515) - WFR8515

GlideAire - WFR8520

Wrap (MAD8530) - WFR8530

Wrap (MAD8531) - WFR8531