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A Fan of Fans

At Fanimation, our entire business is dedicated to fans. We've immersed ourselves in both the art and science of fan making as we consider every detail of a fan's design and functionality. Today, our fans are the perfect fusion of an age-old craft and the latest technological advancements. With artful styles, efficient air movement and unprecedented convenience and control, Fanimation fans provide an air of distinction in any space.

fit, form, function

We're particular about how all the parts of a fan come together

That's because we understand that fan design is the perfect fusion of fit, form and function. There's a delicate balance between being a visual element in a space and being present in a nonintrusive, almost natural way.


We carefully study every aspect of fan design to ensure our customers have options that fit the space where a fan will be used. From the blade pitch and sweep to the size of the motor, we engineer fans to provide optimal air movement and, ultimately, the comfort you desire.


Distinctive fan designs are our legacy. We've transformed what was once a piece of hardware into a design element that makes a statement about the space and the people who inhabit it. With Fanimation, you have endless options from which to choose, from the shape of the blade, to the materials used, to the overall look and style.


At Fanimation, we fine-tune everything — from copper wire diameter, number of turns in the motor coils, lamination stack height, rotor skew angle and capacitors — to make certain the fan works as it is designed to do. And today, with latest technological advances integrated into our design process, our customers enjoy a new level of convenience and control.


FANIMATION CATALOG   |    Fanimation’s focus is producing creative and functional fans that provide ultimate personal comfort using the latest technology for energy efficiency and seamless control. Download catalog

220 Volt Catalog:  English VersionSpanish Version

The fanSync application can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices and allows users to control their fans with the slide of a finger.

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Antique fan museum

The museum houses some 450 antique fans some dating to the early 1880's. Tom's own unique collection of fans, are now part of the museum collection as hundreds of antique advertising style hand fans and other memorabilia.

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