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As you know, a good number of our fans have highly unique blade shapes, designs and materials. These characteristics present unique workloads to the motors of those fans. We could just go to the factory and use an off-of-the-shelf motor and live with the motor noise and airflow results, but we choose not to.

A significant part of our development process for any fan is designing the motor to best meet the needs of the overall design. We adjust anything from copper wire diameter, number of turns in the motor coils, lamination stack height, rotor skew angle and capacitors to make certain the motor is adequately designed for a given fan.

Product development here at Fanimation is obviously focused on providing unique design, but the parts of a fan the end user does not see are equally important to us.

In addition to the above product development details, Fanimation has an extensive quality control staff. We do not outsource our quality control; these are all full time Fanimation employees. We have people in the factories every day to ensure the products that reach our customers meet the standard of quality people expect from Fanimation.

Obviously no company is perfect, but Fanimation invests more than any other fan company to exceed the expectation of our customers.

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