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Tom Frampton knows fans. The founder and CEO of Fanimation, Tom has spent his entire working life in the ceiling fan industry. While in junior high school, Tom went to work for a fan design and manufacturing company, gaining experience in most departments and learning every aspect of the business. In the Special Products Division, Tom's creativity and ingenuity found an outlet, and he began designing fans that would revolutionize the industry.

In 1984, Tom branched out on his own. With nothing more than three fan designs, he began Fanimation in his garage in Pasadena, California. Today, over 20 years later, Fanimation has grown to include more than 31 unique designs, including belt-driven fans, side-to-side synchronized fans, palm leaf blade fans, a stunning single-blade design and even a retractable fan, where the blades retract back into the housing, when the fan is not in use. Tom's designs have found their way into a wide variety of venues, including restaurants, hotels, commercial establishments, theme parks, movie sets and residential homes.

Tom moved to the Indianapolis area in 1994 and re-established Fanimation's headquarters. Fanimation has enjoyed tremendous growth in recent years, expanding both the product line and distribution channels.

How has Frampton positioned Fanimation at the forefront of the industry? He has hired an extraordinary group of seasoned professionals to handle the company's sales, marketing and operational concerns. And that leaves Tom free to do what he does best – dream up new fans. Everywhere he looks, he finds new inspiration for his fans. One of his more recent designs is the The Air Shadow™, this unique fan has retractable blades and can be used as either a beautiful light fixture or a ceiling fan. The Enigma®, is a single-blade fan with a pulsating airflow. Tom's first design, The Punkah® is his sentimental favorite. One of Tom's more unusual designs was created for a Mexican restaurant that wanted an east LA, rundown neighborhood kind of look. Scouring the junkyards, Tom's design included shovels, trashcan lids, torn car mats, and even the pant legs from a pair of jeans.

The truth is, Tom sees a fan design just about anywhere he looks. What's next for Tom and for Fanimation? Tom travels extensively, getting ideas for new fan designs from every corner of the globe.

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